Monday, September 11, 2006

• Treading the uncertainty •

i Can't explain what i'm feeling right now, what i actually want, and what is supposed to be the right decision. it's all in a big mess. the feeling that you want to cry, your eyes are welling up, but somehow the tears just ain't just ain't there.

the feeling that you have to take it one step at a time, but the thing is, you don't know where this freakin' staircase leads.

the uncertainty makes me retreat in a reverie which i can't classify as happy or sad. I can't imagine this happening to us...a story worthy not only as a hollywood box office hit..but more as an independent art film. i just can't imagine how it ends.

i'm pretty sure everything's gonna be fine, i'm just not sure if i'm gonna be fine with how everything's gonna be.

Sunday, April 23, 2006

• HAMTARO's Mission Finale •

HAMTARO's Mission Finale

sa hinaba-haba ng misyon ni hamtaro..isa lng ang reklamo nya
kuya raj..hamUtaro po ang pangalan ko!

nyay onga pala..sori. =s
nde..ok lng po..ganyan naman e.

ah..hehe..gulp.anyways...masaya si isang Mission Accomplished!

nde napigilan ni Hamu na maging emotional...
hikbi..hikbi..waaa tita iris!!!! payakap!!!!

sa bulsa mo ko lagi! ^_^

tumira n sha kay tita iris nya..kung dahil sa tampo sakin..di ko malalaman. ^_^'v

• HAMTARO's Mission Part III •

HAMTARO's Mission Part III

nevertheless..narating ni hamtaro ang kanyang destinasyon..ang profile ni tita iris!
nung una pa ay hindi makapaniwala si hamtaro sa kanyang nakita..
am heaven?

nang mahimasmasan..umupo si hamtaro at nagpahinga..naghahanda para sa kanyang tunay na misyon..
ito na tlga..wala ng atrasan to!

at upang pangitiin si tita iris, ginawa na ni hamtaro ang kanina pa nyang ginagawa..

ang magpa-Cute!
huuupppssnyumnyam! ^_^

• HAMTARO's Mission Part II •

HAMTARO's Mission Part II

patuloy ang paglalakad ni hamtaro

ngunit ang paglalakbay ng ating bida ay hindi naging madali...

may mga panahong nadadapa sha..although mukhang nagugustuhan nya ito..

may mga panahong tumatameme n lng sha ng walang dahilan

at may mga kalaban din along the way tulad ng mga wierdong pusa at nangangain na buchi!!

pero hinarap ito lahat ng ating para mapangiti ang tita iris nya!

• HAMTARO's mission Part I •

HAMTARO's Mission Part I

ok hamtaro..may mission ka! nakikinig?
upu upu!!

papangitiin natin si tita iris ok?
booorrriinggg..tulog na nga ko...

hui!!! gising ano ba!!! dali na!!
ahaha joke lng! ^_^ pupunta na pO!

hussle! hussle!Energy boost ekek!!

ok ready na ko!!
at naglakad si hamtaro papunta kay tita iris..

at nagLAKAD si HAMTARO...

masukal ang daan..kayanin kaya ito ng ating bida?

Thursday, April 13, 2006


bwset naman o..bkt ba ganito. MISS NA MISS NA KITA!!!! T_T
kelan pa naging eeg ang egg? at kelan pa nagsabi ang eeg ng "Moo0oo" ?
well..since this gal po. the cutest pinakamakulets pinakapa-baby na baby sa lahat!! my eegling. bow. ^_^ love you so much! ^_^

Thursday, February 16, 2006

• 16th Street Memory Lane •

I.R.I.S. ::Irresistably Reminiscing Infinite Serenity:

may sense ba? o bsta parang ganun. ^_^',v..

i really miss being with this lady. pag kasama ko sha, tendency e ma-direct lahat ng attention ko sakanya. can't forget the un-ending laugh-fest namin, ngiti lng ang pahinga! kahit ano n lng napapagkwentuhan namin. ganyan ka-comfortable makipag-usap kay iris kung kilala mo na sha tlga.

usually misunderstood, the strong and tough personality she exudes tend to blow off people, normally only the few real ones succeed to be her friend.

other too-many-to-mention stuffs hanging in the air, iris is one lady that definitely touches my life and resides in 16th Street Memory Lane Heart City, Rajendra Republic..well i dont know about the others but that's her address in mine..It's definitely one huge resthouse and i'd definitely wna go visit there soon!!! ^_^

smile sa camera .. ^_^

Saturday, October 22, 2005

• A Medical Message •

i want to hyperextend & hyperabduct my love for you.. auscultate for my cardiac sounds, using the diaphragm of the stethoscope and you'll hear the lub-dubbing caused by opening & closing of the mitral & tricuspid valves.. my heart beats because of you. when you are around, my neurons keep firing.. maybe because of either parasympathetic or sympathetic responses which may make my pupils dilate or constrict..make my blood rush as there goes the process of vasodilation.. i love you.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

• an eeg, bow! •

i am an eeg, a littow eeg. i lif insoid a sheell. is color is pink. i am inside the pink sheell but i am color yellow. when i gwow up, im gonna be a hen! just like my mum!!

i have a dad..he has black spotsh. peopow call them "freckles" beside his right eye. he takes care of me a lotsa lotsa! he sleepsh beside me and waits fow me to hatch into a littow tiny cheek! My dad wuvs my mommy and mwee lotsa lotsa! I wuv him two!!!

Saturday, August 20, 2005

• i tawty i tawt a putty tawt! •

i miss my tart so much!